The lockdown period has made workout routines a different scene altogether. Though many fitness lovers are venturing out into their old gyms and public fitness places again, plenty of other enthusiasts aren’t convinced to forego the glorious convenience that comes with at-home training. There’s an interesting allure about not having to leave your comfort zone at home (and drive and park or take public transit) that makes the entire process way more enticing. Home gyms can be of any size and form. It can be a tiny corner of an apartment living room to a full-on studio in a finished basement or garage. It doesn’t matter what your workout room/area looks like, it will always be an essential part of your daily routine.

The best advantage of home gyms is working out on your own schedule. It would help you immensely to save time as you don’t have to commute or chitchat. As it is once in a lifetime investment it would be helpful to save money in the long term. Working out in the comfort of your home gives you a sense of privacy making your workouts more elaborate and tremendous. Not only this, a home gym would allow you to practice training on a regular basis due to the lack of obstacles such as bad weather. Having your own set of home gym equipment will enable you to customize and modify workouts to match your needs without sharing your equipment.

Overall, it is much more manageable to establish consistency in working out from home, as you are in control of more variables. Assembling an at-home workout space with the best equipment that works for you is KEY to creating a routine and receiving favorable outcomes. One thing that we can assure you is you absolutely do not require to work out in a gym in order to lose weight, gain muscle, and get flexible!

As we have discussed and covered the advantages of having a home gym and incline towards the need for it, we need to focus on the type of gym equipment that is the best for everyone. Here, we’ve assembled a list of the very best gym equipment to invest in now and use every day. This type of gym equipment will not only allow you to work out at your pace but can be a fun activity for your whole family to practice together.


Treadmills are the gym equipment that every person, be it a beginner or a professional, relies upon to sweat out. One of the most prominent choices for a workout is cardio and the most used equipment in the area is Treadmills. It does not matter how your day has turned out and how exhausted you feel, the idea of a good run in the comfort of your home always sounds intriguing.

Though treadmills sound too familiar and easy, they are believed to provide incredible cardiovascular exercise to the body. This in turn can fairly improve and strengthen your heart health. Treadmills, when used cautiously and under expert guidance, can retain steady heart rates throughout the training. Working out on a treadmill for a good 30 minutes a day can also be beneficial and effective if you suffer from high cholesterol or cardiovascular issues.

If your end goal is to achieve weight loss or a fat loss journey, a treadmill can be a really helpful asset for you. By helping you burn calories while helping your muscles to strengthen and relax, it will be the best addition to your home gym.

Adjustable Benches

If a strength workout is your core goal and focus, you need an adjustable bench in your home gym. It is indeed a staple in almost every gym and fitness center on the planet. An adjustable bench facilitates you to train any muscle group with a variety of exercises without needing much other equipment. Adjustable Bench is a heavy-duty bench that’s prepared to last, with the inclusion of both incline and decline adjustments as well as a 1,000-pound weight capability. Whether you’re just starting out as a beginner or a professional weight-lifter, if you’re looking for the best addition to your home gym equipment, Zf-103 Multi Adjustable Bench should be the only adjustable bench you consider.
With the main frame made of a thick layer pad and the heavy-duty frame, it is the best when it comes to supporting. The Faux Leather board is filled with high-density foam which offers safe exercise and the heavy-duty frame makes this weight bench sturdy backing for difficult workouts as well.

Multi-Purpose Bench

If your home gym is not a space that can handle a lot of equipment, you need the best equipment to incorporate into it. The multi-purpose bench is one such inclusion on the list. With the endless exercises that you can perform with the help of this bench, you will never need different specific equipment to focus on a special muscle of your body.
The addition of a multi-purpose bench will help you work on muscle gain as well as your flexibility at the same time.
When asked which one is the best Multi-purpose bench we suggest to our clients, the definitive answer would be the Zf-105 Multi Purpose Bench. With a 350 KG weight capacity, this home gym multi-purpose bench has a solid mechanics design. The wide base allows the user to enlarge the bearing capacity area and the base cap is made in such a way that it provides anti-skid properties to prevent any movement during the exercise. It has remarkable stability to promise true safety and avoid any mishap.


The best part of muscle training is when you get to imply the different sets of dumbbells for muscle gain. No matter the weight of dumbbells, it is definitely an effective way to work on that bicep or to support during squats. Weight lifting using dumbbells lowers the threat of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. Not only the internal health benefits, but the dumbbells are also a great way to sweat out that extra layer of fat from your body. Experts also believe that for a lean body and toned muscles it is essential to employ dumbbells in your workout routine.
Dumbbells are compact in size and can be used at any place you feel at home.
One of the best Dumbbells in the Indian market Zorex 5 Kg Rubber Coated Professional Hex Dumbbell Set For Home Gym. With ergonomic chrome steel handles professionally built for comfort the hexagonal rubber dumbbells feature a knurled handle grip for improved confidence and stability. Higher quality dumbbells are built to the standards and the rubber hex dumbbells feature a solid metal cast iron core for even weight distribution, longevity, and durability.

Stationary Bikes

Riding a stationary exercise bike is a fruitful and beneficial way to burn calories and body fat while enhancing the strength of your heart, lungs, and muscles. When compared to some other kinds of cardio equipment, a stationary bike puts limited pressure on your joints, but it still provides an outstanding aerobic workout.
Zorex Air Bike ZF-201 with moving handles & adjustable cushioned seat dual action air bike is the ideal stationary bike for home workouts.
This Dual Action Air Bike allows you to experience a complete cardio ritual without stepping a foot outside of the comfort of your home. The bike comes with high-density foam hand grips and anti-slip pedals that provide an extra advantage to both comfort and performance. This stationary bike also includes a user-friendly tracker and an LCD that enables you to scan modes and trace your time, distance, speed, and calories burned as you work out. It also has a belt drive system that is smooth, reliable, light, and silent for an absolutely smooth workout experience.

While these are our top 5 choices that you should include in your home gym, there is a plethora of exciting and advanced workout equipment that you can add afterwards. It would just be needed just to make your routine varied and not because of the necessity for them. For expert advice as per your specific needs & requirements for your home gym, contact us.
We hope that this new year brings you a lot of fresh energy that would be able to allocate to your home training sessions.
Have a happy and healthy time while working out!