Zorex HGZ-1004 Home Gym With Preacher Curl


Zorex has always amazed the Indian audience with its spectacular fitness equipment that is synonymous with quality. Branching continuously to include a vast range of fitness gear and accessories, Zorex has done its best to make people initiate fitness by developing quality products that cater to the specific needs of the masses. With its 2.2-inch square heavy-duty construction, this gym system aids in building endurance and ultimate strength. As the system is simple to use, durable, and requires less space for installation, it is suitable for both personal uses. This gym equipment supports multiple exercise functions like chest extension, low pull, rowing, peck-deck, high pull, and leg extension, which is necessary for rigorous continuous workouts. With its no-cable-change design, this equipment offers more and more exercise options. Perfect for regular gym sessions, this system can be used by everyone irrespective of their age to tone the muscles in the body.

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Zorex HGZ-1004 Other Home Gym Machine for Workout, Multiple Function Exercises with removable preacher curl Attachment

  • 60 kg weight plates set included i.e.: 12 plates of 5Kg each (Total 60 kg). Max user weight is 120 kg. Product assembling size in Inches (L) 55 x (W) 47 x (H) 83. Easy-open pully locks as you can add your own attachment as per your requirement like triceps rope, ankle straps, etc. 5 to 6 more Exercises can be done in this product with the help of accessories like triceps rope and ankle strap which you have to buy as per your convenience. Also, it has a removable preacher curl, preacher curl is the best product for the biceps and forearms.
  • Preacher curls are a great exercise for building your arm muscles and creating definition because they target and isolate your biceps so well. The Preacher Curl Pad has been designed to enhance your comfort while you are performing your arm workout.
  • The Preacher Curl Pad is adjustable in different angles so you can modify your workout according to your desired position.
  • Heavy-duty construction – this all-in-one home gym is made of 2.5 inches of heavy-duty pipe that is designed to last a long time. We don’t recommend adding extra weight.
  • The product has to be assembled with the help Manual Provided inside the box or through a video available on YouTube. Third-party Installation providers can be arranged in metro cities on a chargeable basis.


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