7 Best Home Gym Equipment for Full Body Workouts in 2023

A new year usually means new resolutions. Resolutions for your career goals, personal achievements and usually adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Whether or not you have fallen into some unhealthy habits that you’d like to break in the coming year or just want to be a better version of yourself, a fitness routine is a must. It’s never too late to start making evolutions in your lifestyle. Now that you’ve set a goal for yourself, all you require to accomplish it is workout equipment. That’s where you can consider a home gym instead of joining one.

If you are someone who wishes to strengthen and maintain an active work-life balance, create a dedicated space in your house that attends to your need as an at-home gym. Yes, it can be a huge investment. But, instead of continually alternating between bed, sofas, and screens all day for a long period, you can split up the hours at home by squeezing in some much-needed cardio or weight training in between. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to live, work, exercise, and stay healthy, all without leaving your comfort zone.

Home gym practices have improved drastically over the past few years as the need of the hour.

While a few years back a home gym was considered a luxury to have in your home, the majority of people are now dedicating a specific space to working out in their homes and garages.

Panning from simple weights and yoga mats to high-end cardio machines, there are multiple means to remain in shape without setting a foot in an outside gym.

Now that we have covered the basics of lifestyle change, we are here to help you with the necessary Workout Equipment. Here is a selection of highly effective fitness equipment to consider. This list also includes some accessories to help build out your home gym for overall health benefits.

Adjustable Gym Bench

Weight benches are substantial investments towards your goals for strength training and weightlifting as it allows you to bust out monster reps and sets in your own home. Whether you’re employing regular or adjustable dumbbells and barbells, it will help you unhook staple exercises for a routine like the chest-bursting bench press.

Adjustable gym benches are a versatile product of fitness equipment that helps you acquaint your upper body, chest, and triceps, along with body weight exercises and more — especially as they offer incline/decline of the bench as per requirement. You don’t necessarily have to stick to just weight training either, as a solid bench can help you do dips and crunches when you don’t feel like doing weight-lifting. However a high-end bench might sound like something that’s relatively straightforward to add to your home gym, but we assure you it would be worth every penny.

Stationary Bikes

Working out using a stationary exercise bike is a fruitful and effective way to burn extra calories and reduce body fat while boosting your heart, lungs, and muscle strength.

When compared to some other types of cardio equipment that are usually implied in gyms, a stationary bicycle puts less pressure on your joints, nonetheless, it provides an excellent aerobic workout. Not only beneficial for your joints, but it also gets your heart pumping which helps in strengthening your heart health. It results in lower blood pressure, improved brain functioning, and enhanced memory.

Along with the mentioned benefits, Stationary bikes allow for mixed resistance level training, so you can practice workouts at low, medium, or high intensities. This makes these bikes an ideal choice for an interval training workout.


You must be already aware of a gym companion called Dumbbell. It does wonders in order to provide the two types of overload that lead to muscle growth: mechanical and metabolic.

With being great equipment in itself, Dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises. Machines enable one motion in one specific movement pattern to place load on one muscle or muscle group while dumbbells can be incorporated into these machines as an addition. Due to their manageable size and the fact that they can be held in each hand, dumbbells can be expanded to establish a variety of different movement patterns to develop task- or movement-specific strength.


The most popular choice for a workout is cardio and the most used equipment in the area is Treadmills. No matter how tired you feel, a good run in the comfort of your home always sounds like a promising idea.

Treadmills deliver extraordinary cardiovascular exercise, which can relatively enhance and strengthen your heart health. It can retain steady heart rates throughout the training. Also if you suffer from high cholesterol or cardiovascular issues, working out on a treadmill can turn out to be very effective.

If you are aiming for weight loss or a fat loss journey, a treadmill can be a really beneficial asset for you. By helping you burn calories while helping your muscles to strengthen and relax, it will be a great addition to your home gym.

Standing Twister

 Standing twisters or Twist boards are built to help tone your physique and improve overall body balance. They perform this by functioning your whole core, or midsection.

The core of your body comprises muscles that support and steady your body. These parts include the abdominals, lower back muscles, glutes, hips, and pelvis of your body. It is also used as a form of exercise to help burn calories in a fun way.

Standing twisters may assist you to achieve some muscle tone and chisel away fat around your belly section. Women are usually attracted to standing twisters as they can translate into a flatter stomach, tighter hips, and a smaller waist.

Preacher Curl

 Your home gym is incomplete without the addition of a Preacher curl if your ultimate goal is to gain muscles in your bicep and tricep area.

Preacher curls are not much different from ordinary bicep curls, except that they focus and work toward gains on a particular style of curls. Preacher curls can be performed on both the free weight rack and the weight stack.

One of the major advantages that are associated with preacher curls is their capacity to compel you into negative movement. Negative movement helps you improve muscle development as well as improve strength.

An additional benefit that you achieve out of the preacher curl is that it takes away anyway for you to cheat in the workout, be it voluntarily or involuntarily. Since you won’t be able to swing as much as you do with seated or standing bicep curls, the chances of you breaking your form is less than usual.

Multi-Purpose Bench

As the name suggests, a Multi-purpose bench helps you achieve and aim toward different body parts and their fitness. A multi-exercise bench is a great equipment for those who are especially looking forward to enhancing their upper body stamina.

According to a research report by the American Council on Exercise, a bench press can regulate the bad cholesterol level in the body and boost the good cholesterol levels. Utilizing it in day-to-day training can also help the body process sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes.

While there are many other pieces of equipment that you can add to amp up your fitness game, these are the basics that would help you meet your overall health goals. Incorporating these into your routine while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle can be the life-changing step for your new year, new you resolution.

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Happy Healthy Lifestyle!